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Hoping writing JS, Ruby & Rails and Go article, but fallback to DevOps note

Eric-Guo - Full Stack Developer on Rails and Webpack After .NET

Skill Table

Technology Level
Ruby At China Top Ruby programmer list, but not yet finish reading ruby under microscope…
Javascript Hardly believe after attending Startup Engineering 2012, I still learning it every year, even in last year for ES6
R After attend 6 months training class, still slowly using R dairly instead of Excel
PostgreSQL Using in freelancer project since 2013
Oracle Daily using at SanDisk, hoping can use it again. (Just to show I’m rich and don’t care cost at all…)
Percona-Server Because it’s more stable than mysql and not Oracle owned.
Python co-author of Micolog long time ago, but recently using again due to Tensorflow.
C# primary language since VS.NET 2003 up to C# 5.0, not using it any more now
AWS Being customer and running EC2 since 2012
Aliyun Be a DevOps in bayekeji.

Open Source Project

See my Github for personal project and Bayetech for working relative.


See slideshare

Working Experience

2016/5~present @ Bayekeji Social Tea Startup.

Work as leading software developer.
  • Split monopoly rails application into a Rails Engine based smaller project.
  • Backend system, including Wx_Pay, Alipay, CMB pay and Apple pay, Salesforce CRM integration.
  • Wechat mall, Desktop mall, Wechat mini-app mall.
  • App API backend using grape, intergraed with easemob.

2009/07~2016/4 @ SanDisk Shanghai Semiconductor Co.

Work as a Business Systems Analyst
  • Launch new Malaysia Penang new SanDisk factory including new SSD mfg line (in whole 2014).
  • MES system customize/enhanced/tuning (also training support engineer)
  • Each manufacturing step recipe program logic implement and maintain
  • Travel Card in Crystal Report and rewrite it in Rails 4
  • Design from scratch for new application in Ruby & Rails like Spare Part and Paper-Less forms, the paper less forms now fully replace all paper in Shanghai factory, including 300+ different kind of forms.

2007/06~2009/06 @ Technology Resource Group Ltd. (Acquired by Siemens now)

Work as a Software Engineer and key task finished including:
  • Camstar Insite MDB developing for further control for Sandisk
  • FactoryWorks knowledge transfer from Singapore to Shanghai Office for STM
  • Building/Migrate key production Oracle Database when MES go-live for Sandisk



Tongji University System Engineering Master, GPA 4 Linear System Theory, System Engineering Theory, Random Process, Complex System Model & Simulate, Mathematical Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, CIMS Overview, ERP & App


Tongji University Electronic Information Engineering Bachelor, GPA 4+ Control Theory, Embedded System, Digital Circuit, Analog Circuit, Communication & Network, CCNA training, VC++ programming

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Mobile 13901862171
Date of Birth 06/27/1981
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