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Some Thought After Attending the Cloud Foundry 2012 Tour in Shanghai


I just attend the CFOpenTour2012 in Shanghai yesterday; its a little surprise that tour didn’t require any register fee although I always believe a small amount of register fee can help make audience more concertrate.

Mark Lucovsky’s opening keynotes is not shock me. Either I’m already tried the Cloud Foundry before the conference or I also run my blog in GAE. I didn’t known Mark as familiar as Ballmer or Dave Cutler. But it do shock me after I check the Wikipedia that Mark is the one few guy who make Ballmer threw the chair. The web stack of Cloud Foundry are all open source, the method and system archtecutre of Mark’s key notes final program, maybe name stac2 was very different with existing web application, it is totally spread to 20+ different vm server and seems quite scalable.

Cloud Foundry seems funded entirely by VMWare, or EMC corporation and after check their open source project on, I’m surprise it’s openness. Open Source is good as long as the open source project find a sustainable business model and for the cloud foundry, I think VMware can funded their enough resource until it is totally mature similar to RedHat.

The world is changed, MS Empire is rising and falling besides with the PC client application booming and shrinking, Apple Touch UI is big step for larger normal user but now the normal user is also approaching the degree that previous advanced user reach. So I believe the web application will dominate the world sooner or later, either because it’s openness or the instance usable style.

It’s always a good time to start learning Ruby, RabbitMQ, Redis, MongoDB or Node.jS which will definitely keep my career safe during IT technology fast shifting era.

I would also thanks VMware’s @chanezon, his failed to vmc push demo make me much confident, which I think it’s very important to catch up such a fast pace industry.