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Hoping writing JS, Ruby & Rails and Go article, but fallback to DevOps note

Rails 3.2 Bootstrap Startup Site at Github


60 days passed since I decide to learn Ruby & Rails after I attended the Cloud Foundry 2012 tour. I’m now somewhat familiar with Rails 3.2, I following the learning roadmap proposed by huacnlee and found most useful resource for Rails is still the official Ruby on Rails Guide. So if you also want to learn the Rails, I recommend you only read that.

I also start/participate 3 rails project during the passed 60 days, first one is called Spare Part Management System, my first real rails application which only internally use in my company, the second one is ScriptCode, an Hackathon project written in 24 hours! I must give big thanks to my temp team mate, I really learn quite a lot of in that 24 hours. And currently I’m working on project, Paper-Less Forms production log system, which also internal use.

So as a result of create and customize over and over again via rails new myapp command, I decide to start a new startup site, which can be more focus on enterprise application, so this is why I start the Bootstrap-Rails startup site open source project. since in enterprise, the frontend UI is seldom change, so using the Bootstrap is quite good choose, I choose the Sass instead of less as CSS language just because Sass is pure ruby and work great in windows, the less Gems need therubyracer, which not available in windows.

The job which already do for you
  1. using Sass based Bootstrap template
  2. using in Gemfile
  3. add win32console for more beautiful out in Windows
  4. config.assets.debug = false in config/environments/development.rb to focus function at first
  5. add developer document reference
  6. default Sublime Text 2 project
  7. Devise based authentication system
  8. simple_form style view for Devise
The job after you clone this site (how to start)
  1. bundle install
  2. rake db:migrate
  3. rake assets:precompile (this will give you very clean log out)
  4. rails server
  5. writing code or what ever you want

Hoping you would also like ruby and rails as me when you start writing something unique on the base of bootstrap-rails-startup-site