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Howto Install Ruby, Rails, RubyMine in Windows 7


10 months ago, I start my Ruby & Rails life, installation method at that time is greatly improve after that time, the Rails Installer also seems stop maintain since then. So here is another more professional way to install Ruby & Rails in Windows:

  1. Download RubyInstaller and DevKit instead of Rails Installer, which is more frequently update.

  2. Install RubyInstaller at C:\Ruby193 (must Driver C, other will cause some sophisticated problem in windows).

  3. Extract DevKit.exe to C:\DevKit.

  4. Binding the DevKit to Ruby, in order to install C extension gems later:

    C:\git>cd \devkit
    C:\DevKit>ruby dk.rb init
    C:\DevKit>ruby dk.rb install --force
  5. Install ansicon - Process ANSI escape sequences for Windows console programs, extract the ansicon.exe to C:\Windows

  6. Change Programs\Ruby 1.9.3-p374\Start Command Prompt with Ruby shortcut properties, append C:\Windows\ansicon.exe at the begining to Shortcut->Target.

  7. Install GitExtensions, version 2.44 Setup Complete recommand but other version may also very stable, if you download not Complete version, also need to install msysgit and kdiff3.

  8. Install node.js, latest version, which need by some gems like execjs.

  9. Install ActivePython, version 2.7, which need by some gems like pygments.

  10. Enter Start Command Prompt with Ruby, make sure git is available by git version.

  11. git clone git:// to clone a rails template application.

  12. Install RubyGems by below command

    C:\git>gem update --system
    C:\git>gem upgrade
    C:\git>gem install pry-debugger
    C:\git>gem install bundle
    C:\git>gem install ruby-oci8
    C:\git>cd pl-form
    C:\git\pl-form>bundle install
  13. Install RubyMine, open C:\git\pl-form as Directory and then click Debug(Shift-F9) to install relative debug gems.

  14. Patch webbrick httpresponse.rb file line 204:

        #if chunked? || @header['content-length']
        if chunked? || @header['content-length'] || @status == 304 || @status == 204

Congratulation, now you are now professional rubyist in Windows now!