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AutoCAD 2014 Training Notes


Just attend company training and below is quick notes/tips coming from trainer.

  • Always using mm as basic unit in drawing, no matteer your are drawing archtecture/mechanical.
  • Workspace setting is to classic, Options->User Preferences for Right-click Customization is set to 1/2/1 (repeat last cmd/shortcut menu/ENTER) mode is recommand.
  • Notice the Trim is only trim and can not delete whole object.
  • Menu undo is based on action, but Ctrl+Z can undo step in an action.
  • Polar Array can product beautiful result if set very high repeat rate.
  • Layer must be use in practical drawing, if output to A4, line weight should be larger than 0.53mm to see a noticable result.
  • Multiline must explode before trim
  • Overkill can be used to clean duplicate line and it’s original express tools can be load by MENULOAD and select acetmain.cuix.
  • The Block should draw in layer 0.
  • The Block insert allow add negative value to get a mirror effect.
  • Delete Block should use PURGE command
  • Multi Text Text Height is based on the draw dimenstion
  • Multi Text upper side text and down side text should using stack
  • x/400 x is longest line in demension, 14000/400=40
  • Change line type, show detail to adjust the line Global scale factor if the dash style is too small to display completely.
  • You can turn off InfoCenter by change Windows Registry: