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Rails With SQL Server Gem Install


Ubuntu 12.04 LTS already have the freetds package, so just running below command will install SQL Server support for Rails.

install tiny_tds
apt-get install freetds-dev tdsodbc
gem install tiny_tds
gem install activerecord-sqlserver-adapter
add below line to odbcinst.ini
Description = ODBC for Microsoft SQL
#choose one of line based on your version
Driver = /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/odbc/
Driver = /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/odbc/
UsageCount = 1
Threading = 2

About the driver location, you may need to find the libtdsodbc first at via find /usr/lib -name

add below line to odbc.ini
Description = MS SQL connection to 'SDSS' database
Driver = FreeTDS
Database = TECN
ServerName = CVPALPIP01
Trace = No
add below line to freetds.conf
host =
port = 1433
tds version = 7.0 # or 8.0
add below line to database.yml
adapter: sqlserver
dataserver: '\SDSS'
database: TECN
username: only_read
password: only_read
and using it in model
# app/models/tecn.rb
class Tecn < ActiveRecord::Base
# No corresponding table in the DB.
self.abstract_class = true
def readonly?