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Some Trick to Install Native Gems in Win32 Ruby 2.0.0-p451


I used to write post about install ruby 2.0.0-p195 in windows one years ago, the ruby language improved a lot this year and it’s gems. But windows platform is still not active compare with Mac OS X or Linux in rubyist.

There are two thick I believe worth to write down for the windows rubyist:

Install debugger

  1. clone the debugger-ruby_core_source to local folder, e.g. C:\git\debugger-ruby_core_source
  2. copy C:\git\debugger-ruby_core_source\lib to C:\Ruby200\lib\ruby\gems\2.0.0\gems\debugger-ruby_core_source-1.3.2
  3. gem install debugger.

Install bson

Modify the win32.h file (@C:\Ruby200\include\ruby-2.0.0\ruby) before install gems bson

insert _PC_64 and _MCW_PC define
static inline double
rb_w32_pow(double x, double y)
return powl(x, y);
#elif defined(__MINGW64_VERSION_MAJOR)
#ifndef _PC_64
#define _PC_64 0x00000000
#ifndef _MCW_PC
#define _MCW_PC 0x00030000
* Set floating point precision for pow() of mingw-w64 x86.
* With default precision the result is not proper on WinXP.