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Notes to Convert Galaxy Note 2 N7100 to Note 4 by Just Refresh ROM


I’m stucked quite a while when refresh a Galaxy Note II for friends, so I decide write something down:

  1. Wait some time after USB drive installed N7100 driver, something due to china poor network and gfw, the driver install from internet may failed.
  2. Root before install any 3rd party recovery, it’s hardest part of change, I reference this for the Europe model, but you may need to found another way. This is must need before refresh any 3rd party recovery, because seems if not rooted, Knox will stop you do any further action.
  3. Install a 3rd recovery image, for example N7100 CWM Recovery v6.0.5.1
  4. Install customed notes 4 ROM for note 2, you can using this or mirror link