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View Rails API and Guides in Localhost


Dash 3 switch to the subscription mode, if you just want to see the Rails document, in fact, it’s relative easier to build in your own box.

Building Rails API Document

cd ~/git/oss/
git clone
cd rails/
bundler install
rake rdoc

Building Rails Guides

cd guides/
rake guides:generate:html

Enable Apache

sudo apachectl start

Link Rails documents

cd /Library/WebServer/Documents/
sudo ln -s /Users/guochunzhong/git/oss/rails/doc/rdoc/ rails_api
sudo ln -s /Users/guochunzhong/git/oss/rails/guides/output/ rails_guides

View in localhost

visit Rails API at http://localhost/rails_api/

visit Rails Guides at http://localhost/rails_guides/