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Firefox13 Is Now Four Times Faster Than IE9


  Score (less better) Windows Size Test Date
IE 9.0.8112.16421CO 22 seconds 1858x1024 8/21/2011
Firefox 6.0 23 seconds 1858x1016 8/21/2011
IE 9.0.8112.16421CO 40 seconds 1920x1080 1/29/2012
Firefox 9.0.1 20 seconds 1920x1079 1/29/2012
Firefox 10.0.1 17 seconds 1920x1062 1/29/2012
Firefox 13.0 9 seconds 1920x1062 6/6/2012
Safari 15.3 6 seconds 1728x1028 2/2/2022
Chrome 98.0 6 seconds 1728x1028 2/2/2022

Conclusion:  IE 9 maybe a little faster, but consider the Firefox more memory footprint saving and cross-platform and so many extension and plug-in. I still prefer Firefox as my primarily browser. (only right at 8/21/2011)

Conclusion:  Firefox13 is now four times faster than IE9!