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Gmail and QQmail Should Be Setting as Exchange Active Sync Instead of IMAP/POP3


I use the Gmail as my personal primary email, at the same time, my company using Exchange 2010 as email server, one of the feature I’m quite missing from my gamil is the calendar auto push similar to Exchange server. But I suddenly found in fact Gmail also provide the Exchange Active Sync support and here is how to enable it, I using Android account as example.

First create a new account using Exchange, then fill your email account (including the, if you enable 2 step verify login for your gmail account like me, you must use the ‘setting and forgot’ one time password instead of your regular password.

All the rest is very similar to setting a Exchange account, except you no need to fill the Domain but need the server address as

PS: the QQmail also copycat the exchange active sync feature, setting process is also similar, but the server address is